Data collection in industrial vehicles

16 February 2021
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Owa450 is the platform you need for data collection in the simplest way possible, guaranteeing your company complete control of the application.
Owa450 is the perfect solution for the control and monitoring of industrial vehicles and machines.

With its powerful Cortex A8 microprocessor (800 MHz), it is able to process information on the Edge. The application will decide the important information and send them to the Cloud.

The Owa450 and Owa4x families have been designed to provide our partners with the perfect platform to develop solutions in the field of IoT and Industry 4.0. It is a linux integrated platform and it is ideal for monitoring of industrial vehicles, electric buses, agricultural machines, industrial compressors, generators, solar systems etc.

Based on the Debian Linux operating system, the Owa450 family is the latest in the range of integrated embedded computers launched by Owasys. This device complies with ITxPT regulations. It includes a 4G Global LTE Cat 1 modem, up to 4 CANbus, Ethernet, Bluetooth, serial ports, microSD and much more.

As the Owa450 variant complies with ITxPT regulations, it positions the device as an ideal candidate for data collection and monitoring for public transport.

Check out all interfaces and connectivity options and full technical specifications. Or you can contact our sales department, we will be happy to help you with your M2M and IoT projects!

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