Powerful gateways for data collection and processing


Owa4x is an open and powerful Linux IoT IP67 Gateway.
It allows you to easily create your own application, collect, select and process significant data from the field and send only the relevant information remotely.



IP67 Gateway linux IoT programmable

Owa4x is a family of powerful IP67 linux IoT gateways for collecting and processing data from sensors, devices and peripherals.
This IP67 gateway is ideal for monitoring and controlling any remote device because it sends only the relevant information to the cloud or to your control center.
The application where owa4x is the best solution is the Automotive: data collection from cars, trucks, buses, agricultural / industrial machinery, DCTO remote download, fleet management, telemetry, and data logging.

IP67 –  water and dust resistant with industrial protection  Up to 4 CAN bus (1Mbps CAN 2.0B)
Processor: ARM Cortex A8 32bit 800MHz Up to bus 2 K-line
1GB Flash memory + 512MB DDR3 Digital & Analog I/O
Linux Debian 8 distribution 3 RS232 & 1 RS485
Customizable and configurable like any Linux PC USB Host 2.0
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n Ethernet, Maxim 1-wire, uSD interface, Audio Codec
Bluetooth 4.2

Owa4x is the platform needed to collect data in the simplest way, ensuring your company a complete control of the application.

Owa4x thanks to the numerous peripherals available such as: GSM 4G modem, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, CAN, Ethernet / RS485 communication ports and the integrated I / O is the perfect solution for “on the Edge” data collection applications.

  • Automation in vehicles, trucks, trains and buses
  • Industrial Automation
  • Data download from DCTO digital tachograph
  • Vehicle fleet management
  • Storage of operational data
  • Data download and storage
  • Smart Metering application
  • Telemetry and remote control
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