Datalogger that allows interfacing with all ModBus RTU and TCP devices


IP67 Dataloggers for harsh environments. Heat, cold and rain are no longer a problem


User friendly, multimedia support and traceability for this PLC with incredible price/performance ratio


A simply indestructible Box PC… with stunning performances

We lead clients through accelerating change, helping them harness the power of technology to deliver new outcomes from their business.


Our expertise in Industrial and Building automation, Cyber Physical Systems, Cloud and Industrial Internet of Things is essential to provide digital transformation solutions to our customer businesses and let them to stay relevant in a highly connected, rapidly evolving world.

Intelligent datalogging solutions

that collect data from heterogeneous systems efficiently and reduce the amount of data transported to the cloud for processing, analysis and archiving

Communication systems

between different machines and standards.

Electronic Systems

and software for remote control and maintenance.

360° service

4neXt is not only commercial partner but also technical that allows the customer to feel confident about the adopted solution.

Providing organizational alternatives to your current sales function model.


Our mission is to provide all the companies operating in the automation field with products and advanced technological solutions able to make them more competitive and in line with the latest technology solution.

4neXt has a long experience in successfully bringing innovation to market, and guiding clients through the developmental stages of new technologies. Whether it’s building a business case, creating a sales network, performing market tests or managing full product launches, we have the expertise to provide you with a smooth and successful realization from early concept to full commercial success.

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