Temperature transmitters

7 April 2021
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temperature transmitters

Are you looking for simple programming and installation speed?

Our thermocouple or 4-20 mA RTD DIN/B head temperature transmitters are programmable via your own mobile phone and they make the installation much easier.

They accept different types of temperature sensor signal inputs such as K-type, J-type, B-type, E-type thermocouples, RTD pt100, etc.
Their output is a 4-20 mA current signal with 2 wires and 6-32 Vcc power supply.

Universal standard cover head-mounted, high precision, programmable parameters: ideal for use in control and temperature measuring systems.

Technical features

  • Stable high linear conversion, low temperature drift.
  • Internal embedded cold-junction compensation.
  • Signal input type, temperature range are programmable through APP.
  • Universal RTD TC thermocouple signal input, 2-wire 4-20mA output..
  • 6-32V wide range power supply.
  • Support 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire RTD PT100/Cu100/Cu50 input.
  • Support all the thermocouple signal input, type K, J, T, S, M, R, etc.
  • High performance in withstanding shock, vibration, external interference.
  • Compatible with all PLCs, thermoregulators, counters, etc.
  • Industrial grade opaerating temperature range: -40 to +85° C

Typical applications

  1. Temperature signal data acquisitoin and transfer.
  2. Industry site high-precision temperature measure.
  3. Terminal resistance signal isolation and temperature control.
  4. Temperature transmitters signal conversion to standard signal.
  5. Oil temperature measure and Alarm.
  6. Signal remote transmission without distortion.
  7. Temperature sensor signal control and conversion.
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