Do you need a programmable multichannel IoT gateway?

29 April 2021
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programmable gateway

Multiprotocol communication is always a problem. Discover this IoT Linux Gateway that gives you access to these interfaces:

  1. Serial
  2. Ethernet
  3. CAN Bus
  4. K Line
  5. Bluetooth

Not enough? Call us and we will custom it for you!

Owa3x is a wireless family of open, flexible, powerful and programmable Linux gateway. It allows a complete control for remote management, monitoring, data collection, on site data analysis and Cloud applications. It is equipped with numerous wired and wireless interfaces.

These devices include the most used set of technologies and features to develop telemetry and IoT applications. Thanks to the huge range of options available they are suitable for many time of applications in the follwoing sectors: Automotive, Industrial automation, Facilities Management, Utilities, Defence, Telecom’s, Banking, Renewable Energy, EPOS, Transport.

Owa3x family can talk with the most famous european Cloud platforms and services such as:

  • Cumulocity Connect to innovate
  • Gemalto SensorLogic Application Enablement Platform
  • Carriots Internet of Things Platform
  • Amplia Industrial Internet of Things IoT PlatForm Opengate
  • Thingworx IoT technology platform

Owa3X is a powerful programmable gateway for the management of geographically distributed equipment, integrating wireless communications with embedded IP functionality to allow efficient and bi-directional transmission of information across the cellular wireless networks.

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