7 April 2021
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remote monitoring

Having the garage flooded is an unhappy situation which unfortunately many of you have experienced. These are fatalities that are increasingly likely to happen given a less and less uniform distribution we have had in recent years; fortunately, the new technological developments allow us to be promptly warned about problems or anomalies of various type as in the case just seen.

Most asynchronous motors nowadays work in combination with inverters. Many inverters have serial communication channels which allow all parameters monitoring.

These are some of the read parameters which allow to have a complete control of the situation and the system operating status even remotely:

  • Error Status
  • Drive Status
  • Frequency command
  • Output frequency
  • Output current
  • DC Bus voltage
  • Output voltage

This means always having a STATUS INDICATOR and a REMOTE CONTROL PANEL at hand.

This allows you to:

  • Perform a full engine test
  • Verify if there are system errors and correct them
  • Modify the duration of the device
  • Modify date and time

Monitoring with EasyLog and NET485

monitoraggio remoto


Remote monitoring other than give you freedom of movement, it helps to identify necessary repairs before they cost too much.


Repairing a lifting system, a generator or any other device is very annoying. It not only costs time and money, but it is often related to problems that can easily solved only if you know them before a failure occurs.

A 24 hours remote monitoring allows you to face problems as soon as they appear and before they cause days of service disruption.

Thanks to a remote monitoring you can:

  • Have information about system error code
  • Monitor multiple sites at the same time
  • Monitor multiple sites at the same time
  • Receive the notification about error codes via e-mail / app
  • Generate the summary
  • Monitor via website or app
  • Get an overview of energy usage and efficiency
  • Have a complete analysis of energy consumption
  • Do a routine system analysis to maintain / improve system performance
  • Have a prediction message about possible defective parts, error codes and failures

Advantages of a remote monitoring system are:

  1. Extended duration of the device
  2. Performance improvement
  3. Less manpower in the management
  4. Reduction of maintenance costs
  5. Energy saving
  6. Ease of use
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