New firmware version 1.5.1 for EasyNET & EasyLogXL

1 September 2022
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firmware version 1.5.1

With the 1.5.1 firmware version, new features have been implemented for EasyNET and EasyLogXL.

  1. EasyLog WEB server can now manage HTTPS mode with automatic generation of the certificate based on the IP address
  2. System API availability to be able to read, download and delete files.
  3. The possibility of encrypting files on the micro SD card has been added
  4. Variables can also be logged at intervals of 2, 4 and 6 hours
  5. Added “delete” and “mark as sent” operations from the files web page.
  6. Ability to enable / disable read and log operations for each device
  7. File sending via HTTP REST
  8. WebApp: separate configuration saving per page
  • “SD remove” and “reboot” commands have been moved to the “Maintenance” page
  • grouped the commands in “…” in the device configuration: “Delete”, “Import variables”, “Export variables”
  • grouped the commands in “…” in the configuration of variable: “Delete”
  • scrolls on the selected line on the variables page
  • added ENTER key on login and added wrong login message
  • closing modal windows with ENTER key
  • menu on the device line with the possibility to disable the device or delete it.

You can donwnload the new firmware version 1.5.1 by clicking the following link:

Download the latest Firmware

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