MDB-E / MDB-W ModBus bridge

23 March 2022
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modbus bridge

AN 191 Double Bridging Application

General description of modbus bridge

The need to collect data from machines or electrical panels located within a factory or commercial complex is increasingly frequent. Very often, however, an ad-hoc connection must be installed (ethernet, serial, power supply). Thanks to the MDB-W converter it is now possible to use both the WiFi network and an existing Ethernet network as a vehicle for data transport.

In the case above, the MDB-E modbus bridge has been used for the Ethernet communication, which is an Ethernet – serial RS232 / RS485 converter. While the MDB-W modbus bridge has been used for WiFi communication, as it is a WiFi serial RS232 / RS485 converter.

Let’s see them in detail:

  1. MDB-E works independently from the protocol by connecting all the protocols based on TCP / IP with the serial ones in a completely transparent way. It allows all devices equipped with a serial port to communicate with software or cards based on Ethernet communication.
  2. MDB-W allows serial devices to communicate with IP devices transparently via WiFi network. It allows all devices equipped with a serial port to communicate with software or cards based on IP communication and sharing a LAN with WiFi.

Modbus bridge application

4neXt MDB bridges are able to send packets to any node on the network and convert them again to reach the desired node.

Here is a classic example in which a ModBus RTU Master must reach a ModBus RTU Slave in a very remote site of a LAN or Intranet.


As shown in the layout image above, it is possible to obtain this functionality using two MDB bridges, in this case we used an MDB-E on the master side and an MDB-W (WiFi) on the Slave side. Note that any MDB-E (Ethernet) or MDB-W (WiFi) combination can be used.



Benefits of the modbus bridge

The main advantages that can be obtained are:

  • To reach each node using the WiFi network or the Ethernet network without distinction and to facilitate and streamline communication within a network.
  • Easy installation thanks to the versatility of the bridge.
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