IRMA – Cybersecurity system for industrial plants

16 March 2021
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cybersecurity per impianti

IRMA® is a cybersecurity system for industrial plants.

Industrial control systems found in critical infrastructures, such as nuclear and thermal plants, water treatment plants and power generation have been kept isolated from the Internet for a long time.

The significant benefits to be gained from convergence between these systems and the Cloud computing over the Internet have inevitably also exposed potential cyber attacks. However, control systems are inherently much less secure in the event of an attack and their tampering could lead to physical harm and danger to human life.

The control and verification of potential threats by hackers therefore becomes of paramount importance. IRMA® (Industry Risk Management Automation), is synonymous with optimal safety management based on the latest technologies.

IRMA® is a powerful industrial IT system. It can be used to quickly identify cyber attacks through cognitive anomaly detection and through instant IT visualization.

  • continuous monitoring of production facilities
  • a cybersecurity system guaranteed in industrial plants
  • information provided on all cyber attacks
  • it enables risk-based analysis and intelligent alarms.

In this way, many risks can be assessed in advance and actions can be taken without delay. The aim of IRMA is to stop an attack or effectively defuse its consequences.

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