Wireless devices for energy saving and environmental comfort

A range of wireless devices based on ZigBee technology for energy saving and environmental comfort projects. Thanks to battery power and the ability to create mesh networks, these devices are very simple to install in both external and internal environments and they are easy to integrate into any system via gateway and bridge with ModBus protocol.



ZigBee Wireless Devices

Thermostats, energy meters, temperature, presence, brightness and CO2 sensors, smart sockets, actuators with integrated energy and power meters: a wide range of wireless devices for Smart Building projects that aim at an intelligent use of energy.

wireless devices

Black Box: ZigBee ModBus gateway with Ethernet connection.

Gateway ZigBee RS485: RS485 ModBus gateway; 230 VAC or 12 ÷ 24VDC power supply; standard IT or UK plug or gateway for DIN rail.

Energy Meter 1 / 3 / 6: Single-phase ZigBee ModBus meter up to 15kW; meter for 1 three-phase line or 3 single-phase lines (50, 100, 200 A); meter for 2 three-phase lines or 6 single-phase lines (50, 100, 200 A).

wireless devices

Temperature, humidity and light sensors: Battery powered ZigBee wireless sensors.

TID – ZigBee ModBus module: ZigBee module with 2 digital inputs, 2 NTC inputs, battery powered.

wireless devices

Wireless Thermostat: ZigBee ModBus battery operated wireless thermostat.

ZigBee ModBus pulse counter: Wireless device for detecting the number of pulses.

wireless devices

CO2 sensor: Wireless ZigBee carbon dioxide sensor – ModBus.

TIR2 – ZigBee ModBus modules: ZigBee module with 2 digital inputs, 1 NTC input, 2 relays, power supply with IT or UK plug.

wireless devices

Smart Plug ModBus: EU, UK, FR, IT standard ZigBee wireless plug.

wireless devices

Smart Switch ModBus: ZigBee wireless wall actuator. It programs the operation of electrical loads and measures their energy consumption.

Bridge ZigBee ModBus: Wireless connection device between ZigBee Gateway and ModBus devices connected via 485 to the Bridge.

wireless devices

ZigBee ModBus Radio Repeater: Repeaters that extend the radio range of wireless devices.

    • temperature, humidity and light monitoring
    • CO2 monitoring
    • NTC temperature probe monitoring
    • energy monitoring
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