NetLink: serial – Ethernet Radio communication bridge

With the integrated radio module, NetLink allows devices with serial / Ethernet port to communicate between each other wirelessly up to 1 km.



Radio bridge: remote data transmission via radio communication

NetLink is a radio communication bridge. This serial Ethernet radio bridge can be used as a cable substitute for a long-distance connection. At the same time it also allows conversion between different communication channels.

Thanks to its point-to-multipoint configuration, NetLink allows users to create a true data collection network that is quick and easy to install.

Data can be transferred from Ethernet to serial, from serial to Ethernet or from serial to serial.

This radio bridge has been specially designed to create distributed data acquisition networks without electrical wiring.
Thanks to its multiple interfaces, NetLink allows the following functions:

  1. Serial/Ethernet radio converter and vice versa
  2. Ethernet to Ethernet radio converter
  3. Ethernet/Serial radio converter

NetLink is the fastest and most effective cable replacement solution, allowing considerable distances to be reached even in indoor installations.
Connecting remote serial or Ethernet devices can often present problems due to distance, channels or different transmission modes. NetLink solves all these problems and at the same time is fast and easy to configure.

The configuration APP allows all parameters to be set and saved on NetLink via NFC communication.
These are the most common applications:

  • Communication between ModBus master and slave
  • Ethernet/serial protocol conversion
  • Wireless remote data transmission (5/800m)
  • RS485 protocol conversion

Point-to-point mode

Point-to-point mode is the classic cable replacement, but NetLink allows connection and channel conversion from RS232, RS485 and Ethernet.

Point-to-multipoint mode

The point-to-multipoint mode allows the data file to be collected from a complex network in a very simple way.

    • Communication between master and Modbus slave
    • Ethernet / serial protocol conversion
    • Wireless remote data transmission (3 / 500m)
    • RS232 / RS485 protocol conversion

From this page you can download the latest Firmware version of NetLink:

Download the latest Firmware

Previous Versions - Firmware Update

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