OPC UA Gateway for ModBus RTU devices


EASYUA is an OPC UA gateway that communicates with ModBus RTU devices and makes data available to OPC UA clients.



EASYUA is an OPC UA ModBus gateway that can be completely managed remotely as its configuration is possible via the integrated web browser. Installation is simple and does not require special skills. It has been developed for communication between ModBus RTU devices and OPC UA Client.

Thanks to the configuration web interface, the TAGs to be read by one or more MosBus slaves are defined in a few steps. This is to make them available to high-level software such as SCADA, MES or ERP systems.

When there is no possibility to install a classic suite of software protocols, this gateway provides continuous communication between the ModBus protocols and systems that communicate using the OPC UA protocol. It is a ModBus OPC UA gateway capable of extracting information from existing systems, which use ModBus communication protocols.Then it transmits this information to IT applications, Cloud services and SCADA systems for further processing.

The ModBus communication libraries also allows you to have an easy access arrangement to all devices without writing code.

EasyUA has a very compact DIN module, it is easy to assemble and competitive from an economic point of view.

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to set up
  • Compact design
  • It does not require additional software
  • Competitive price
    • heat pumps
    • burners
    • thermal power station
    • level, flow and pressure measurement
    • regulators, dosers, timers, meters...
EASYUA brochure
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