Bluetooth communication bridge between ModBus and an APP

ModBridge is a configurator / viewer of ModBus RTU devices.
This ModBus – APP communication bridge connects ModBus RTU devices via Bluetooth to an APP that allows you to read, view and write all device registers.

  • Ideal for providing an advanced interface to measuring instruments without display
  • Excellent tool for configuring registers during installation



ModBus – APP Bluetooth communication bridge

ModBridge is a communication bridge between ModBus RTU instruments equipped with RS232 or RS485 and an Android Mobile APP that allows programming, configuration and registers visualization.
Its main purpose is to provide an advanced user interface, the iBridge APP, which makes reading the parameters of any instrument easy, and at the same time being able to change the configuration parameters.
ModBridge works with any device that uses the ModBus RTU protocol on RS232 or RS485 serial ports. The adaptation to a specific register mapping happens thanks to communication libraries that can be downloaded from the website.

Bluetooth V.4.2 + EDR Power supply 9-32 VDC
Optoisolated RS485 port Average absorption <: 1,5W
Optoisolated RS232 port Operating temperature -20°C +60°C
Frontal signaling LEDs Storage temperature: -40°C +80°C
Size: 18 x 90 x 60 mm Relative humidity: from 0 to 80% without condensation
CE certification (standard EN 61000-6-2,EN 61000-6-4)

This ModBus bridge is specifically designed and developed for industrial environments. It is equipped with 10-30Vdc extended range power supply with protection on the serial port thanks to the galvanic isolation.

This device works with any ModBus device thanks to the use of specific libraries for each device.


From this page you can download the latest firmware version:

Download the latest Firmware

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