Flexible and powerful Linux IoT gateway          


Owa3x is an integrated, flexible and powerful computers family based on S.O. Linux.

It provides comprehensive supervision capabilities for remote management and monitoring.



Owa3x open Linux M2M Gateway

A robust family of open, flexible and powerful wireless integrated IoT computers. Owa3x gateway allows a complete control even remotely and it is equipped with numerous wired and wireless interfaces. This Linux gateway combine the best set of technologies and features to develop telemetry and telematics applications thanks to the wide range of options. Owa3x is technologically advanced.



Processor: ARM9 CPU 32 bit @400MIPS Analog & digital I/O
32MB/64MB RAM 3 RS232 & 1 RS485
32MB Flash, + 16GB in uSD 2 CAN, 2 K-Line & iButton
GPS Audio, USB
IP & TCP/IP connectivity Ethernet, uSD
Open Platform: 2.6.36 Linux Kernel
Complete software development environment


The owa3X platform is a powerful platform for the management of geographically distributed equipment, integrating wireless communications with embedded IP functionality to allow efficient and bi-directional transmission of information across the cellular wireless networks.
This platform has been designed and developed to withstand the rigours of an automotive and industrial environment (CE and E marked) whilst providing a wide range of common connectivity options.


One of the characteristics which makes the Owa3X a unique platform is the possibility to combine a wide variety of different functionalities as required by the System Integrators for each project.

The main applications that require the use of powerful and flexible IoT gateways are:
  • Snow plow monitoring The snow plows are equipped with Owa33A devices, which collect positioning information from the GPS with information received via CAN relating to the angle of the salt dispenser, elevation, capacity, etc., and they report it to the remote server every 10 seconds.
  • Logistic solutions Track & trace solution for organizations seeking support for their logistic processes (travel records and vehicle statistics), using the Owa3x KLINE to connect to the digital tachograph platform; GPRS and GPS information aggregation with external data terminal, PDA, audio receiver.
  • Safe Monitoring and Tracking Application for monitoring fixed and mobile safe deposit boxes. Owa3x devices periodically report the status of the box and generate alarms based on various events: movement, impact, power failure or entry / exit from the geographical area.
  • Fleet management The solution for the local police department where police cars are equipped with the Owa33A Rugged, which sends GPS positioning information via GPRS so that vehicles can be tracked and monitored from the headquarters.
  • Remote maintenance of railway wheels Remote monitoring and telemetry An RFID temperature sensor located on the wheel bearing sends information to the Owa3X platform using BT technology so that the temperature and location information are sent to the back office to avoid excessive temperature rise  and to avoid passenger complaints, expensive repairs on wheels and tracks or dangerous situations.
  • Mobile shops localization The solution for remote monitoring of mobile shops. More than 200 mobile cafes distributed in 13 countries around the world are all connected to the company headquarters.
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