The fully scalable and flexible SCADA




Incredibly scalable and flexible, atvise scada is a software based on the latest technologies and standards: the visualization in pure web technology and a vertical orientation of the objects on OPC UA changes the world of process management and visualization systems.

  • Interoperability
  • Immediate installation
  • Access to information
  • Simple connectivity
  • Any plug-in

Atvise SCADA software purely based on Web technology

Atvise SCADA is a powerful HMI and SCADA visualization software based entirely on the latest Internet technologies. Using open interface standards such as HTML5 and vector graphics (SVG) allows access to information from any PC, Mac, Mobile or Smart Phone device without additional plug-ins.
The implementation of valid industrial standards (OPC UA) allows to minimize development times, in particular the parameterization of plants and processes.
Atvise independently supports all the typical SCADA functions such as alarms, logging, trending, user management, multi-language, and much more.
Thanks to its flexibility, the Atvise product can be applied to all industrial sectors, with its main segments in the field of infrastructure, building automation, power generation, production plants and mechanical engineering.

Standard OPC UA

With this new communication protocol, sensors, machines, controllers, servers or entire cloud applications can now be connected in an easy, consistent and standardized way, in line with the specifications of IoT technologies. This means that interfaces and gateways, as well as associated costs and information leaks, are a thing of the past. OPC UA works on the machine, between multiple machines, between machines and supervisor on the cloud or between the plant and a cloud application.

A hot standby redundancy completes the functionality of atvise® scada and opens up new fields of application in various industrial segments thanks to the step towards continuous operation. The solution offers complete redundancy: both as regards the data source, the network connections to each component involved, the atvise® scada itself and the passage in the browser. The implementation of redundancy in atvise® scada also reflects the decades of experience of our development team on these technologies, and this is reflected in features such as switch-over, fail-over, split mode or machine life status.
Latest generation of SCADA / HMI software
Redundant SCADA developed in pure WEB technology
Client-server architecture (multiclient)
Indipenden from System Operator (HTML5, SVG) PC/Mac/Unix, tablet, smartphone, iPad,…
Process connection via OPC UA and OPC DA
Users management and access security
Data access, alarms and conditions via premium-grade OPC UA connectors
Compatibility also with old WEB technologies
Aggregates - compliant with the OPC UA standard
SNMP data sources
Online engineering / multi-user
Display control catalog based on complete and pure vector graphics
Pre-assembled dynamic function “Quick Dynamics”
Preconfigured complex dynamics without scripting functionality “Simple Dynamics”
Complex controls such as alarm list, history list, etc. have been developed completely with vector graphics
All pre-designed standard objects and operational layouts have been created with the atvise editor tools and are therefore fully adaptable by the user.
Possibility to customize via JavaScript on the client and server side
Historical storage OPC UA includes incremental data storage
OPC UA alarms and conditions (server) with configurable alarm conditions and typeable alarm categories.
With OPC UA any architecture is possible: atvise® scada is a client and an OPC UA client. You can connect your corporate or external servers. Other data sources are web servers or classic OPC COM servers.
User interface developed with pure web technology: visualization with all standard web browsers, scalable SVG vector graphics. In any resolution without loss of quality, integration of web maps, videos, etc.
Pure web trending: storable configuration, data display even in mixed operations on and offline, unlimited trend pins.
Import ed export with XML standard or from CSV file
Freely definable and structurable data points
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