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10 February 2021
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scada software

Contract signed with Certec EDV Gmbh

4neXt is glad to announce that has signed a contract with Certec EDV Gmbh support italian customers and to promote further its flagship product atvise® SCADA software.

atvise® SCADA is the world’s first fully featured web HMI and SCADA system in pure web technology. it is based on newest technologies. The visualization in pure web technology moves the webbrowser into the world of automation. It does not need any ad-ons or plug-ins such as ActiveX, Java or Silverlight.


Atvise® SCADA HMI software

Visualization HMI and SCADA software

Unlike traditional HMI systems and SCADAs which were not designed to work on the Internet, atvise® was developed with the Internet in mind and it allows you to take full advantage of open and web-based technologies.
The implementation of established industry standards – such as OPC UA – allows you to minimize development times, in particular the parameterization of plants and processes.

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