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Librerie EasyLog

Librerie EasyLog

It’s now possible to download ModBus libraries for EasyLog for the following devices: INEPRO – PRO1 IME/BTICINO – NEMO D4 ELEXTREX – FEMTO PIXSYS – ATR244 QEED – QE-POWER-T – QI-50-V-485 – QI-POWER-485  
Need a programmable multichannel IoT gateway?

Need a programmable multichannel IoT gateway?

Multiprotocol communication is always a problem. Discover this IoT Linux Gateway that gives you access to these bearers: Serial Ethernet CAN Bus K Line Bluetooth Not enough? Call us and we wil add more! Owa3x is a family of open, flexible and powerful wireless Linux computer, providing fully wireless capabities for


Tired of wasting time in your SCADA application? Discover how The intelligent object and type concept reduces the programming effort.

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