Energy efficiency

5 March 2021
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energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a topic that is deeply felt by many energy-consuming companies that need to optimize and reduce energy consumption.

In particular we seek to:

  • Reduce consumption energy costs;
  • Understand energy purchased mode of use with the purpose to program a more effective use.

To be able to accomplish with the points mentioned above, it is necessary to:

a) Design a monitoring network that measures energy consumption.
b) Gather the data into a centralized database.
c) Consult the data to set a saving strategy.
d) Implement the necessary changes to get the desired saving.
e) Verify the results achieved following the changes made.

Energy efficiency thanks to EasyLog

Easylog is the ideal solution to gather and send the data to a centralized database.

This device is able to gather the data of every energy meter with a Modbus protocol, it is able to sample the significant data and to send them remotely on a regular basis.
In case of more complex installations that need temperature and other quantities monitoring, it is possible to connect them with distributed acquisition modules.

The acquired and properly calculated data represent the essential basis on which being able to develop one’s energy efficiency strategies.

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