Narrowband IoT development board

NB-One is a development board that is specifically designed for connecting to any mobile’s NB-IoT network. The kit is very user‑friendly and have both USB and serial interfaces for development, testing and tracing.

Using NB-One, the engineers can fully verify and test the major benefits of the NB‑IoT technology, including the improved device sensitivity and low power consumption in “Ultra low power mode”, aiming to guarantee very long batter battery lifetime(10+ years). NB-One is also equipped with Bluetooth, Accelerometer, GPS and a temperature sensor supplying to the user the perfect platform for many different application.

NB-IoT Multi Band with embedded antenna and connector for external antena

Bluetooth 5.0: with ARM® Cortex®-M4 core @40MHz.; up to 200 meters.

GNSS: GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou; with embedded antenna and connector for external active antennna

Accelerometer: ultra low power, MEMS 3-axis with power consumption of 270nA in "motion triggered wake-up mode.

Temperature sensor: with 12 bit resolution (0,0625 C) and tho threshold (upper and lower).

ST® STM32L4TM Ultra Low Power Processor UFBGA with AES 128/256.

Power Supply: internal wireless rechargeable battery or external 3.3V or 12.0V or via USB.

External interface: Uart, SPI, I2C, USB Type C, CAN, GPIO.

  • Smart metering
  • Indury 4.0
  • Building & Home Automation 
  • Remote monitoring
  • Geotracking
  • Data gathering
  • Microcontroller: STM32-L486TM UFBGA 132 pins ARM Cortex -M4 32-bit RISC@80MHz Embedded 128KB SRAM and 1MB Flash
  • External Flash : 64MB Quad SPI Flash
  • Radio Interfaces: 1x Bluetooth 5.0 1x NB-IoT Multiband Quectel BC68JA-02-STD
  • Geolocalization: 1x GNSS (GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou); Mediatek MT3333 Engine
  • Accelerometer: 1x ADXL362BCCZ-RL7 Ultra Low Power mode
  • Serial Ports: 1x UART, 1x SPI, 1x I2C, 1x CAN
  • USB: 1x USB type C
  • Analog Ports: 1x ADC
  • Hardware Monitoring: 1x RTC & 1x Watchdog timer
  • GPIO: 3x channel GPIO to STM32L4, 2x wakeup GPIO & 6x channel GPIO to Bluetooth Chipset
  • Power Supply: USB type C, External 3.3V or 12.0V Rechargeable battery
  • Physical Features: Form Factor 50mm x 50mm -40ºC +85ºC Temperature range 

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