IRMA® (Industry Risk Management Automation) is an industrial IT system, it offers total protection from cyber attacks in production plants.

The industrial control systems present in critical infrastructures, such as nuclear and thermal plants, water treatment plants, energy production have been kept isolated from the Internet for a long time. The significant benefits that can be obtained from the convergence between these systems and cloud computing on the Internet have inevitably exposed also to potential cyber attacks.
However, control systems are inherently much less secure in the event of an attack and tampering with them could lead to physical harm and danger to human life.
The control and verification of potential threats by hackers therefore becomes of paramount importance.
IRMA® (Industry Risk Management Automation) is synonymous with optimal safety management based on the latest technologies.
As a powerful industrial IT system that can be used to quickly identify and protect cyber attacks through the detection of cognitive anomalies and instant IT visualization, IRMA® continuously monitors production facilities, provides information on cyber attacks and enables risk-based analysis and smart alarms. In this way, risks can be assessed in advance and actions can be initiated without delay in order to stop an attack or effectively defuse the consequences.

IRMA is the ideal solution for quickly identifying and fighting cyber attacks.

Excellent state-of-the-art IT security

Immediate detection of anomalies in the IT network

Automatic passive monitoring

Safeguarding systems that can no longer be upgraded as for example. Windows NT / 2000 / XP, old PLCs, OPC Classic

Safeguarding certified production plants and processes without recertification (e.g. for the pharmaceutical, chemical or food sectors)

Immediately ready for use thanks to its simple installation and production specifications independent of the manufacturers

Complete supervision and security for your IT systems, network connections and data connections

Integrated alarm management in case of IT security incidents

Constant and real-time monitoring, attack recognition and reporting

Methodical tool for targeted risk analysis, as well as support in firewall parameterization

Without carrying out any type of activity in the IT network, IRMA® constantly monitors your production plants, provides information on cyber attacks and allows risk-based analyzes, as well as an intelligent alarm system via a clearly organized management console. This means that risks can be assessed in good time and actions to stop an attack or effectively mitigate its consequences can be started without hesitation. Without being active in the IT network, IRMA continuously monitors production plants, provides information on cyber attacks and performs risk-based analysis and intelligent alerts via a clear management console. In this way, risks can be assessed in advance and actions can be started without hesitation to stop an attack or to defuse its consequences effectively. IRMA has been developed with modern IT cutting edge technologies and therefore guarantees the ability to act in the event of a cyber attack event.

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