aMBition is an application software program that acts as a Modbus master.

The main purpose of this software is to read variables from any ModBus slave device and display them on the PC in a readable format.

Developed primarily as a utility program to help developers and users of Modbus slave devices or anyone who wishes to use, test and simulate the Modbus protocol.

aMBition is available in 2 versions: Free and Professional, these are features of the licence types:

  • Reading data from ModBus RTU devices (serial devices) and TCP via Ethernet
  • Configuration of variables and registers to read
  • Display of data in a table format
  • Possibility of converting the raw data into an engineered value
  • Support of char, int, long, float and bits type variables
  • Storing device configuration into JSON files
  • Export and Import of device configuration form and to JSON files
  • Packet optimization reading
  • Display and log on file of transmission and reception data packets
  • Data logging of each variable at the desired interval time into a local database
  • Graphic visualization display of desired variables
  • Sending data to remote location (Web portals, E-mails, FTP sites)
  • Data validity verification
  • Alarming functionality weather a variable exceed thresholds, alarms are sent via Email to a pool of users
  • Data logging of variables into remote DBs


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